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Oredoo Qatar Useful Codes

Ooredoo Qatar, one of the leading telecommunications service providers in Qatar, has made life simpler for its customers through a set of useful shortcodes. These codes offer quick ways to access common services, check balances, and make specific requests. In this article, we’ll walk you through these essential codes so that you can optimize your Ooredoo experience.

To Check Balance

  • Main Balance: To keep track of how much credit you have left, dial *129#.
  • Bonus Balance: If you have any bonus credit or promotional balance, check it by dialing *129*2#.

To Check Ooredoo SIM Number

Ever forgotten your own number? It happens sometimes. You can find out your Ooredoo SIM number quickly by dialing *129#.

To Manage Call Waiting Service

Being available for important calls is important. With call waiting, you can receive incoming call alerts even if you are on another call.

  • Activation: To enable call waiting service, dial *43#.
  • Deactivation: If you wish to turn off this feature, just dial the same code *43#.

For Handling Voicemail Service

Stay connected and never miss important messages even when you can’t answer the phone.

  • Activation: Activate the voicemail service by dialing *100*1#.
  • Deactivation: If you decide you no longer need voicemail notifications, you can deactivate by dialing *100*400#.

For Making Call Me Back Request

Low on balance and need someone to call you back? Send them a ‘Call Me Back‘ request by dialing *103*Mobile Number#.

For Balance Transfer

Sharing is caring! If a friend or family member is running low on credit, you can transfer some of yours with *130*Mobile Number*Amount#.

For Reaching Out to Customer Service

For further assistance or more information on Ooredoo services:

  • From an Ooredoo Number: Dial 111
  • From Other Operators in Qatar: Call +974 44200700
  • From Outside Qatar: Dial +974 44380000
  • Email Support: Reach out to the Ooredoo team at [email protected]

In conclusion, Ooredoo Qatar’s easy-to-remember codes make managing telecom services a breeze. Save these codes or bookmark this article for quick reference, ensuring you always have the power of Ooredoo at your fingertips!

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