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Easy Method to Check Your Traffic Violation in Qatar

Checking Traffic Violations in Qatar

Want to know if you’ve got any traffic fines in Qatar? No worries! The Ministry of Interior’s (MOI) online portal makes it easy for you. This guide shows you how to check your traffic violations. Whether you’re a resident, a company, or a foreigner driving around in Qatar, this guide will help you stay updated with any fines or penalties you might have. So, let’s make our driving smoother and our roads safer, one step at a time.

Step 1: Access the MOI Traffic Inquiries Page

Navigate to the MOI’s Traffic Inquiries page. You can reach the page by typing the following URL into your browser:

Step 2: Select “Traffic Violations”

Once on the webpage, look for the option labelled “Traffic Violations.” This should be visible on the portal’s home page. Clicking on this option will lead you to a new page where you will enter your information.

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Step 3: Provide the Relevant Information

The system allows you to check traffic violations using several identification methods. You can use your Vehicle Number, QID Number, or Company ID Number. Make sure to have the relevant ID number at hand.

The system requires additional details for foreign vehicles, including the country, type of vehicle, vehicle plate number, and Arabic and English letters. This feature enables tourists or international visitors to keep track of their traffic violations, if any.

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Step 4: Enter Your Qatar ID Number

Once you select the “ID Number” option, a new field will appear. Here, you’ll need to type in your Qatar ID number. Ensure that you enter the correct number to avoid errors or inaccurate results.

Step 5: Complete the Verification Process

After entering your ID number, you’ll be asked to enter an image code. This is a security measure to verify that the inquiry is made by a real person and not an automated bot. Carefully type in the alphanumeric characters displayed in the image. If the characters are difficult to read, there’s usually an option to refresh and get a new code.

Step 6: Submit the Form

After completing the necessary details and the image code, click “Submit.”

Step 7: Review Traffic Violation Details

You will be directed to a new page displaying the details of any traffic violations associated with the ID number you entered. The information includes the date and time of the violation, the exact location where the violation occurred, and the amount to be paid as a fine for the violation.


The MOI’s traffic violation inquiry portal is a user-friendly tool for all motorists in Qatar. It provides transparency and immediate access to crucial information, helping drivers better understand their responsibilities and manage any violations. Remember, the system is there to facilitate traffic law enforcement and to promote safety on Qatar’s roads. Let’s do our part by obeying traffic rules and promptly addressing violations. Drive safe!

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