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How to Renew Your Health Card: Easy Guide

Qatar Health Card Renewal

The Qatar Health Card, also referred to as the Hamad Health Card, is an important identification tool for both residents and citizens of Qatar. It enables you to access affordable healthcare services within the state-operated health facilities. Whether you’re thinking of renewing your health card online or in person, here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you in the process.

Costs Associated with Renewing the Qatar Health Card

  1. For Expatriate residents: QAR 100
  2. For GCC nationals: QAR 50
  3. For Qatari citizens: QAR 50
  4. For Domestic staff: QAR 50

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card Online

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  1. Visit the Hukoomi Website: Go to the Qatar health card renewal page on the Hukoomi website here.
  2. Enter Identification Details: Input in your Qatar ID Number, choose “Renew,” then hit the “Next” button.
  3. Fill the Form: You will need to fill a form:
    • Enter required validity.
    • Then, enter your mobile number.
    • If you want a payment receipt via email, select “Yes”; if not, select “No” and fill in your email if you opted for it.
    • If you wish to receive notification of renewal on your mobile, input your phone number, then click “Next.”
  4. Review Details: Verify all the information provided. If everything’s correct, press “Next.” If there are errors, you can use the “previous” button and correct them.
  5. Make Payment: Provide your payment card (debit or credit card) information. The applicable fee for your health card renewal will appear.
  6. Complete: After a successful application, either print the receipt or click “Finish”.
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Upon completion, expect a confirmation either through email or SMS, depending on your earlier preference.

Offline Renewal of the Qatar Health Card

To renew your card in person, head to a Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) facility or your closest Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) center. Remember, offline renewals are only possible during morning hours.

Required Documentation for Offline Renewal:

  • Adult residents: QID with an active residence permit and old health card.
  • Children residents: QID with an active residence permit, old health card, and the original QID of the sponsor.
  • Qatari adults: Valid ID or passport copy and a passport-sized photo (4x3cm).
  • Qatari children: ID number and old health card.
  • GCC national adult/child: ID copy with a Qatari personal identity number and previous health card.
  • Domestic staff: QID with an active residence permit, old health card, and the original QID of the sponsor.

Checking the Status of Your Qatar Health Card Renewal

To confirm your card’s status, visit the Hukoomi website. Enter your QID number, select “Check Expiry,” and press the next button. You’ll immediately see the current status of your health card.


In conclusion, the process of renewing the Qatar Health Card, whether online or offline, has been streamlined for residents’ convenience. By following the steps detailed in this guide, individuals can ensure they continue to access affordable healthcare services in Qatar. It’s crucial to keep this card updated, as it’s a vital tool in accessing state-operated health facilities. Whether you opt for online renewal via the Hukoomi website or in-person methods, always ensure your details are accurate to prevent any potential inconveniences.

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